Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love Saturdays!

I recently became a t-ball mom. We became a t-ball family. We decided to sign our hyper active 3 year old up for a sport. I believe he is the youngest on the team, and he definitely has the most energy! All of the other children area at least 4 so they understand the game a little better than Ryan. He loves to bat and forgets which base to run to. We laugh for 3 innings straight. I know he enjoys every minute of it, well he enjoys every minute of batting. He doesn't have the attention span to stand in the field and wait for a ball to come his way, but he is learning! I know he will get better with time. I love to see him interacting with all of the other little t'ballers. He has become really close to one little boy named Landon and they chat and hang out on the bench together when their team is up to bat. It is adorable! I look forward to Saturdays because it is so fun to watch him play, even if he isn't the all star. Did I mention how adorable he is in his little uniform? It is soo cute I can't stand it! Their team name is a professional baseball team and they wear the same colors the MLB teams. They also gave them hats that look exactly like the ones the MLB players wear. All of the little uniforms are so adorable! Of course, San Francisco Giants have the cutest uniforms on the field!  I love Saturdays!

I'll end it with a few pictures from today's game against the Marlins. Ryan bats last every game, and when the final batter hits, he doesn't stop at first base like the others. He runs through all of the bases like he hit a homerun. I know that is his favorite moment of the game. He is actually a pretty good hitter!

The final "high fives" of the game. This part is just so cute. Our team didn't know which hand to stick out so one of the coaches had to run down the line and push the wrong hand down and lift up the correct hand. Too funny!
 I made my baby girl a shirt so she could be a part of the team. Everyone thought they gave me that shirt or I bought it. They were shocked to find out that I actually made it! We could not find a 2T shirt anywhere so we had to buy her a Youth Small. It was a little big, okay a LOT big on her so I cut up the bottom of the shirt and tied the shoulders up with black ribbon. Perfect. Everyone now knows who she belongs to. :)

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