Friday, June 15, 2012

First Trick or Treat Experience

A few years ago Ryan had his very first trick or treating experience. It was amazing. For me. I guess him too. :) I didn't think I could enjoy a "creepy" and "scary" holiday as much as I do! Halloween has become one of my absolute favorite holidays and I have my children to thank. If it was not for them, I don't think I would decorate my house, think of cool costumes all year, and fight the crazies at Wal-Mart for all of the 50% decor the following day. But, I do. I love every minute of it. I love October and secretly wish one of my babies were born in that month. But, we can't choose those things in life and I will enjoy my spring/summer babies.

Ryan was 2 years old when we first attempted the trick or treating thing because I wanted him to actually talk to the neighbors and say "trick or treat." Well, Ryan was a late bloomer in the language department and chose to say all of 3 words by the time he was 2. (Thankfully his birthday was in June which left us a ton of time to teach him to say "trick or treat." He managed to learn it just in time and it was the absolute cutest thing to see my Buzz Lightyear say it! He was extremely, and I mean extremely obsessed with Toy Story at the time. So, he chose to be Buzz and I talked his little friend's mother in dressing him up as Woody. Perfect. It was a perfect Halloween.

It took me forever to find the perfect papers and the perfect sketch for these pictures. I actually went outside of my comfort zone and tried a new manufacturer! I used Oct.31 by Fancy Pants Designs and I am a fan! I think I will start purchasing more of their collections!

Okay, enough chit chat on with the pics!

I got the sketch over at Creative Scrappers because their sketches are amazinggg. (Sketch #212) Here is my take on it!

 The colors from this collection matched his little costume perfectly!

I attached the spider to some twine and let him just hang from his "web." It is cool that he can move around on the page and bring a sense of movement to the page; my son thought thought this was awesome!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. This LO is adorable and I love your take on the sketch with it!!! Perfect Halloween LO!!!

    1. Thanks! Halloween is a fun holiday to scrap!


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