Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christmas Morning...2011

I found an awesome sketch at My Scraps and More Sketches blog. Sketch #25.

It is so different than my usual style, so I had to participate!

Now, I know these are not the traditional colors for Christmas, but I love these pics! This is Kylee's 2nd Christmas and the 1st Christmas that she actually cared enough to rip open gifts! It is hard to tell in the pic because of lighting and what-not but the background paper actually matches the color of her jammies in the pic. It is hard to snap a pic in the perfect lighting, etc. Hop over to My Scraps & More Sketches and play!


  1. This is adorable, Ashley! You make scrapbooking look like art. Mine just always look like scraps! haha!

    1. Thanks! I bet yours looks awesome, I always like others better than my own. I am always like "man I wish I had their talent!"

    2. Hahaha... no way. When I have scrapped in the past it was literally cutting out pictures all crazily and just putting them on a page. Horrendous. Yours look so awesome & you've got all the fancy tools and stuff, too!

    3. Oh I have a scrapbook filled with pictures like that! haha! My first scrapbook is jam packed of pictures cut crazy, and paper just stuck on there. haha I like to look back it and see how far I've come in the scrap department. Even the difference from Ryan's first few pages to now is completely different. But my first scrapbook is so funny to me now! I can't re-scrap the pictures because it is too funny!


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